1) Who is VA?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly trained and experienced individual business owner who delivers administrative and personal services using email. fax, phone support and emerging technologies. It’s a new profession where a VA performs the same role as an administrative assistant but, without being geographically existing at the client’s location.

2) What are the benefits of working with a VA?

You’ll be amazed at the benefits of working with a VA.

– No need to buy an office space/furniture/other equipment as you would buy for an employee – All VAs have their own office and they manage it themselves

– No Management costs

– No need to worry about pay roll taxes, insurance and other benefits

– No Need to pay for overtime/hiring costs/advertisement costs

– No need to pay for sick leave/vacations

  • You’ll have the flexibility of choosing the hours with your VA. Also, while working with VA you get the opportunity to interact with another business professional who can give you fabulous ideas for your business at ongoing basis.

3) How much would it cost to work with a VA?

It’s definitely lesser than paying for an employee. However sometimes rates differ due to the complexity of the project. Please refer our Rates page.

4) I have some more questions which aren’t answered here. Who should I ask?

If you have questions which aren’t answered here please contact Virtual Assistance Portal

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