About Me

Hi I’m Jessie DSouza based in Japam, Takasaki city (Gunma Prefecture),100 kilometers from north of Tokyo. Takasaki city is the capital for daruma doll, a good luck charm which represents a popular Zen monk. It’s a beautiful city with lots of sightseeing and is famous for shrines, museums and mountains. That’s a little info about my city.

About my personal life – I’m married and have a 10 months old daughter. She’s the reason for me to choose this path to start a new venture. I’m a post-graduate in Economics. I love cooking and teaching & playing with tiny tots. I’ve 5 years of administrative assistant experience with strong skills in Admin tasks, organizing and event planning. When I came to Japan, I had no option other than English teaching because of the language barrier. I started working as an English teacher in Japan. After a couple of years due to family commitments I left my teaching job. When I started researching about work from home jobs over the internet, I came across the word “virtual assistant” which stuck into my mind until I dug deep to understand this new profession. Slowly, I fell in love with the profession and started  exploring this virtual assistant career and now I’m thrilled to experience the work involved in this very new title by using my skills and knowledge.

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